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Home Based Counseling

The Home Based Team (HBT) is a community-based team that provides intervention within the home and community setting for children who have experienced trauma or are at increased risk for harm. All of our clinicians have been trained in treatment methods that have been shown to be effective in increasing family stability and functioning while reducing trauma symptoms and concerning behaviors.

To learn more about Home Based Counseling, or make a referral, contact the Home Based Team Intake Coordinator at (614) 722-8212.

Upon completion of a clinical assessment process, our clinicians use the following treatment models:

The Home Based Team provides family preservation services to families at risk of separation, or out-of-home placement of children. Clinicians provide a combination of family therapy, individual therapy and case management focused on changing family patterns to assist the family in remaining together. Clinicians work collaboratively with parents and other agency providers within their community to provide the appropriate treatments.

This intervention focuses on helping parents make decisions about joining treatment by guiding parents to look at their own readiness for change.

This evidence-based model focuses on coaching parents to produce desired behaviors in their children through play. It relies on praising, attending and disciplining the child. It is particularly effective in working with children with disruptive behavior problems and with abused parents and their children who have witnessed the family violence and for reducing symptoms related to childhood trauma.

This on-site clinical service is available for children and adolescents who may need medication management to help them work through their reactions to the abuse. It is only available to individuals who receive their counseling services with HBT.

We offer comprehensive and standardized psychological evaluations for children and adolescents who are receiving counseling services with HBT. Evaluations may be conducted when there are unanswered questions about the child’s learning ability, emotional functioning or behaviors that need to be answered in order to provide the best intervention.

This treatment model works with children who have experienced a trauma and involves participation with their nonoffending caregivers. Through TF-CBT, children and families learn to understand their experiences. They discover how to manage anxieties and fears, cope with stress, improve self-esteem and develop strategies to maintain safety in their environments. They also acquire the skills to form healthy relationships with others and how to heal from the hurt.

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