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The Center for Family Safety and Healing fully addresses all aspects of family violence, including child abuse and neglect, teen dating abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse, thanks to an impressive combination of public and private resources.

The following partners support the mission of The Center for Family Safety and Healing and help create the multidisciplinary team approach:

LSS CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence

Advocates provide services to victims of domestic violence available on the 24-hour crisis line, shelter services for women and children in immediate danger, case management, counseling, support groups, and legal and community advocacy. Located in our building are two staff members for CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence. There is a community advocate who provides victims with referrals, education, safety planning and advocacy, and a counselor who provides ongoing domestic violence counseling. Peer support and education groups are also provided on-site. For more information and the 24-hour crisis line, call (614) 224-HOME (4663).

Columbus Division of Police Special Victims Bureau

In part due to the coordinated work between the Columbus Division of Police and The Center for Family Safety and Healing, the Columbus Division of Police created the Special Victims Bureau. For the first time, detectives responsible for investigating sexual assault of children and adults, physical abuse, domestic violence, missing persons and exploited children, are all under the same command structure. Located in The Center for Family Safety and Healing, are a Columbus Division of Police Lieutenant, (2) Sergeants and (15) child sexual abuse detectives who handle sexual abuse cases of children under 16 years of age. As a result, communication is streamlined, and information is shared more efficiently, which leads to a more effective process and successful outcomes. For non-emergencies, call (614) 645-4545.

Franklin County Children Services

The Center for Family Safety and Healing houses three Sexual Abuse Intake Units for Franklin County Children Services. These units are responsible for the investigation and determination of child sexual abuse complaints. Children Services workers evaluate the safety of the child and family, given the present situation, and make referrals as necessary to assist the family. Their presence allows for coordinated investigations with law enforcement and prosecutors that prompt information sharing to ensure that children are protected. Referrals should be made to the 24-hour Franklin County Children Services Child Abuse Hotline at (614) 229-7000.

Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office

As part of the team that will prosecute offenders, the Franklin County Prosecutor’s participation is critical in working with local law enforcement and child protective services. Victim Witness Assistants located in our facility work with abuse victims as a support person and liaison through the court process. In addition, the Victim Witness Assistant is able to make referrals to social services, assist with special needs and facilitate the Kids in Court program. This program familiarizes children with the court process and helps address their concerns, so they will not be as frightened when they take the witness stand. For specific information on Franklin County Prosecutor’s Victim Witness Assistance Unit, click here. For more information, call (614) 525-3555.

Big Lots Behavioral Health Services at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Nationwide Children’s Behavioral Health Services offers counseling for children and adolescents who have been sexually or physically abused and/or exposed to family violence. Parent training is provided for families whose children are at risk for abuse or neglect. Also located within our facility are the Family Support Program and Home Based Team. The Family Support Program provides individual and family counseling, as well as therapy groups on a variety of topics. The Home Based Team offers intervention within the home and community settings, using evidence-based strategies. For more information, call (614) 722-8212.

Nationwide Children’s Lawyers For Kids

The Lawyers for KidsTM (LFK) program is a collaborative approach between lawyers and healthcare providers that brings civil legal aid services into the the healthcare setting to address social determinants of health among vulnerable populations.  This Medical Legal Partnership offers free and confidential legal help to NCH children and families in order to improve their health and well-being. Through Lawyers for Kids, we can provide free legal representation or assistance in many different areas of the law. Currently, LFK provides services to specific NCH clinics including The Center for Family Safety and Healing.  In addition to these clinics, Lawyers for Kids also accepts referrals from the Department of Social Work and Partners for Kids Care Coordination.  Please speak to your doctor, nurse or social worker for more information.

Capital Law Family Advocacy Clinic

The Family Advocacy Clinic is funded by The Center for Family Safety and Healing and operates under the umbrella of the Capital University Legal Clinic, Capital University Law School, Columbus, Ohio. The Family Advocacy Clinic Civil Protection Unit provides legal representation to victims of domestic violence to secure Civil Protection Orders and assists clients with housing needs, employment concerns, and divorce and dissolution proceedings. The Contested Child Custody Unit provides legal representation to victims of domestic violence in cases where child custody is, or is likely to be, contested. Legal assistance is provided in domestic relations and juvenile court cases.  Please call (614) 236-6779 for more information about the Family Advocacy Clinic.

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