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Take Action

Everyone can advocate to help stop family violence in the following ways:

  • Call 911, if safety is of immediate concern
  • If you suspect abuse, report it
  • Model healthy relationships at home
  • Promote education and awareness on the topic of family violence in the broader community
  • Look for opportunities to mentor and teach young people about healthy relationships
  • Participate in community events that support healthy families and communities
  • Learn how to recognize possible signs of family violence, respond appropriately and refer to community resources
  • Invite someone to a meeting to talk about family violence. This is a great opportunity if you are involved with a board, serve on committees or volunteer in your community
  • Consider how you can use your time, influence and finances to support the cause
  • Educate yourself by attending programs or courses, watching films and reading articles and books
  • Share your voice! Consider writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper or reaching out to your local legislators

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Please use a safe computer that an abuser cannot access directly or remotely.  Please call 614-722-8200 if you feel that browsing is not safe.  Remember to clear your history after visiting this website.

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