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The Center for Family Safety and Healing offers a wide range of programs and services to address all aspects of family violence, including child abuse and neglect, teen dating abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse. We encourage you to learn more about our programs and services. They are a lifeline to those in need and are important tools in our efforts to break the cycle of family violence.

Adult Services

Offers counseling and related supportive and advocacy services for adult victims of domestic violence.

Child & Family Counseling

A range of office and community-based counseling services to children and their families through Nationwide Children’s Behavioral Health Services.

Child Assessment Center

Provides responsive and timely medical assessment and treatment; along with interviews of children and family members who may have experienced child abuse, neglect or exposure to violence.

Community Training

Education and prevention are important steps to help break the cycle of family violence in the community. Various topics and programs are available and can be customized.

Fostering Connections

A specialized care clinic that offers comprehensive healthcare services to children and adolescents placed in foster or out-of-home care. 

Maternal-Infant Home Visitation

Women, birthing people, and caregivers who are pregnant or parenting newborn children may benefit from the Nurse-Family Partnership or Healthy Families America programs. 

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