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Thank you for your interest in our volunteer program! At The Center for Family Safety and Healing, we focus on all aspects of family violence including child abuse and neglect, teen dating abuse, domestic violence and elder abuse. Our multidisciplinary team of experts provides the personalized care that each person needs. We are committed to promoting an environment of healing for families who have been affected by violence. 

Volunteers are partners in caring at TCFSH, sharing time, skills and talents to help families, staff and visitors. Volunteers are valuable resources. Our volunteers set the tone for a positive experience by providing children with an outlet for their anxieties through play. Time spent smiling and playing with children is our most critical need in the various programs. We recognize that each volunteer brings unique abilities and expectations. The goal of everything we do is to break the cycle of family violence and to restore hope. Thank you for giving your time and energy to support our mission.

Please reach out to the Volunteer Coordinator with questions or concerns via phone at 614-722-8434 or via email at

The Center for Family Safety and Healing relies on volunteers to accomplish a number of goals. Our volunteers set the tone for a positive experience by providing children with an outlet for their anxieties through play. Time spent smiling and playing with children is our most critical need in the various programs.

Who: Adults, ages 19 and over

What: We are currently looking for volunteer Patient Care Assistants. You will be supporting families and patients who are here for appointments and engaging children in play activities. A more detailed description of the position can be found by clicking here

When: We are seeking volunteers to help for 2-hour shifts between the hours of 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where: TCFSH is located at 655 E. Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43205, directly across from Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Parking for volunteers is free and convenient, directly behind the building.

Commitment: Initial commitment of 6 months. You will have a weekly assignment, same day/same time each week.

Onboarding Process: The application process is important for the safety of the patients and volunteers.

Prior to volunteering the applicant must complete:

  • Complete the online application
  • Reference checks – must be non-family members
  • Virtual and/or in-person interview
    BCI and/or FBI background check
  • Provide copy of the following vaccination records—COVID-19, Tdap, MMR, and Varicella
  • Flu shot annually
  • Tuberculosis blood test
  • General hospital orientation (electronic or online)
  • Training for specific volunteer position

If you think this sounds like a good match for you, complete the online application here. For questions, please call 614-722-8434 or email

Along with needing volunteers at our facility, we also have opportunities to participate in special projects, such as:

  • Coordinating a toy drive helps to defray the cost, bring great joy to a child who receives the toy after being assessed for abuse and allows community groups the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause. One way to support this project would be to ask guests who attend an event to bring a new stuffed animal or toy.
  • Gifts to buy 
  • Order online from our Amazon Wish List and items will be shipped directly to TCFSH.

Volunteering at The Center for Family Safety and Healing may not be a perfect match for everyone. We will work with you and the Family and Volunteer Services Department at Nationwide Children’s to help you determine what volunteer opportunities might be a good fit for you.

Thank you for being so excited to volunteer! Part of the process; however, is making sure we look after the safety and security of our young patients. This means we require references, a background check, and training in areas such as confidentiality, infection control, safety and security, among others before a volunteer can begin. Generally, this means the application process takes about up to 3-4 weeks.

TCFSH is a professional environment. Volunteers are required to wear long pants (no jeans or leggings) or skirt (knee-length or longer) and closed-toe shoes. Artificial nails and visible tattoos are not permitted. 

We are happy to offer volunteers with a record of their service time. If you are fulfilling service hours or obtaining credit for volunteering, we ask that you let our Volunteer Coordinator know on your application and during your interview. All acknowledgements of hours will be assessed upon acceptance as a volunteer. Please give a one-week notice and a written request to the Volunteer Coordinator. This allows for adequate preparation of your request.

If you are interested in volunteering in a different part of the hospital, please contact Nationwide Children’s Hospital Family and Volunteer Services at (614) 722-3635 or email

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