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Strategic Plan


A place for healing. A vision for change.

Family violence is pervasive and has lasting consequences.  

We aim to help victims and families by focusing on:

  • Strengthening our crisis response by acting with urgency to respond to victims.
  • Prioritizing excellence in all services for children and adults that focus on healing, prevent re-victimization and address racial disparities.
  • Expanding our housing and supportive services to victims and families so they can live safely and with self-sufficiency.
  • Working to prevent family violence from happening in the first place.  

We will use research to inform prevention strategies to help stop family violence before it occurs.

We want to put family violence on the agenda. We will raise awareness with policymakers, service providers and the community so they know and understand how family violence impacts a person’s overall well-being over the course of a lifetime.

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View our 2020-2025 strategic plan documents to learn more: 

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