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Faith-based organizations are a major influence in our community and can be the catalyst for cultural change. During a time of need, people often seek support from their churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and other places of worship. Religious leaders are often the first people that victims confide in when violence occurs in their families. Yet studies suggest that many clergy feel ill equipped to handle these situations. Our goal is to minimize any roadblocks and maximize the resources that exist within our community and religious traditions.

Customized training programs and support are available for faith leaders and their members to learn how to recognize signs of abuse, respond appropriately to family violence and refer members to community resources. For more information and scheduling, please contact (614) 722-4830.

Congregations can also become involved by:

  • Forming a committee to address the issue of family violence
  • Encouraging the clergy to speak out against violence
  • Inviting staff from local family violence organizations to make educational presentations
  • Designating a day or month for educating and activating the congregation
  • Offering pre-marriage, couples and partner counseling dealing with equality, conflict, violence and control
  • Using available curriculum for youth that encourages the values of gender equality and nonviolent conflict resolution
  • Offering meeting space in your facility for programs related to family violence
  • Contributing financial support to local family violence programs

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