Terrri Messman

Professor of Psychology, University Distinguished Scholar,
Miami University

Email: messmat@miamioh.edu
Website: http://traumaemotionregulationlab.com

Research Interest Description:
Interpersonal violence, particularly childhood maltreatment (emotional abuse/neglect, sexual and physical abuse), sibling abuse (particularly sexual abuse), sexual violence across the lifespan (for males and females), emotional maltreatment across the lifespan (in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood), including narcissistic partner abuse, sexual assault victimization risk factors, and outcomes; emotion regulation/dysregulation, shame, rumination, cognitive reappraisal, PTSD (and its variants, including Complex PTSD), depression, dissociation, self-harm, risky behavior (e.g., risky sexual behavior, substance use disorders), trauma-related disrupted beliefs, early maladaptive schemas; compassion, self-compassion (and fear of self-compassion), mindfulness, meditation, yoga; PTSD and C-PTSD treatment (Cognitive Processing Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy-Prolonged Exposure, STAIR-PE)

Population Interest:
Young adults, adolescents, and women in abusive relationships

Research Areas of Interest:

Child Maltreatment

Teen Dating Violence

Human Trafficking


Sexual Assault



Culturally-Specific Work

Secondary Trauma

Methods Used in Research:

Primary Data Collection

Secondary Data Analysis

Qualitative Analysis

Mixed Methods

The Center for Family Safety and Healing
655 East Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 722-8200