Dr. Michelle Renee Chyatte

Associate Professor Director of MHA/MPH and COVID Response Teams,
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences

Email: Chyattmr@ucmail.uc.edu

Research Interest Description:
"Infant neurocognitive development in foster care Family violence on infants in foster care Extrapolation on identification of risk factors of the pediatric system that cause gaps in health care Female genital mutilation in America: US teens from practitioner countries "

Population Interest:
Infants, foster care, human trafficking

Research Areas of Interest:

Child Maltreatment

Human Trafficking



Culturally-Specific Work

Secondary Trauma

Methods Used in Research:

Primary Data Collection

Secondary Data Analysis

Mixed Methods

The Center for Family Safety and Healing
655 East Livingston Avenue, Columbus, OH 43205
(614) 722-8200